Why you need an SSD upgrade now

03 July 2014

Why you need an SSD upgrade now

An SSD will change your life. I’m not joking.

We all have a need for speed. CPU sucking tasks like rendering designs, exporting huge files, shooting in RAW…it takes a toll on your Mac or PC. And after forking out a whole bunch of cash on your studio’s iMacs, Macbooks and Macbook Pros, font programs, design software, rent in a great inner city Melbourne location…I get that the last thing you want to do is buy a new computer

An SSD (solid state drive) is a way to upgrade your Mac and turbo charge it. With no moving parts, SSDs increase the snappiness of your computer.
It’s a straightforward upgrade for desktop computers and slightly trickier on laptops, but all of my clients have been absolutely over the moon with the results. Rather than forking out $1300+ for a new laptop, you can prolong the life of your computers, and keep designers happy for a third of the price.

How much speed will I see?

Tests have shown as much as 30% improvement in speed, click here to see the results.

When an SSD upgrade makes sense

  •  When your fleet of computers are 3+ years old
  • When you’re starting to see lags in your computer speed that won’t go away
  • When you need to source a new computer for new or part time staff
  • When you’re umming and ahhing about whether to buy a new computer
  • When you’re buying a brand new Apple or PC. You can look at an SSD upgrade if you’re about to buy a new computer. You can essentially upgrade the speed from day 1 and see the benefits of faster start up and everyday tasks.

Which SSD to buy?


How do I install a new SSD drive?

At The Mac Mechanic we offer a ‘Need for Speed’ tune up pack to install a new SSD in your machine. We’ll have your laptop or desktop computer cranking with speed in no time.

Have a look at our Rates and Packages for pricing, and get a taste of how good an SSD upgrade can be!

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