It’s time to ditch Windows XP

01 July 2014

It’s time to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 8

Sorry for all the Windows XP lovers out there but I’m here to let you know that the time has come to upgrade to Windows 8!

In the words of Tony Bradley at PC World:

“You really, really need to dump Windows XP. No, really. Windows XP was great, and many users still love the operating system, but…it’s more than a decade old. At the rate technology evolves, that makes Windows XP a near-relic.”

Why switch to Windows 8?

Apart from the obvious – that Windows XP is really, really old? Well here are some reasons…

  • Better security. Pretty soon Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP, and viruses will become more of an issue. With the profile of viruses like Heartbleed, you’ll have little or no chance of protecting yourself with a system as old as XP.
  • Cool features. One thing Windows 8 has is file history, which helps the same way that Time Machine on Mac does. It stores versions and helps you get better version control – so no messy mistakes. Read more about Windows 8 features.
  • Everything will work better. From printers and peripherals to keyboards and slick monitors, the drivers will work seamlessly with the Windows 8 OS, rather than retrofitting old drivers to *hopefully* work with XP.

Of course, there will be circumstances where you have custom built software that isn’t going to be compatible with Windows 8. If you’re unsure, let us take a look and call us.

Further reading – why you need to leave Windows XP for good

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