What to do when your startup disk is full?

10 September 2015

What do to when your startup disk is full?

If you have received this message “Your startup disk is almost full!” you are in big trouble and something needs to be done before your computer stops working and you lose access to all your files and folders.

How can we fix it?

Fortunately there are a couple of simple solutions to this problem. The first and easiest (and free!) option is to free up some space on your hard drive. Go through your folders and delete any files, movies or photos you no longer need and create archived versions of folders where needed.

Naturally there are some things on your computer that you can’t delete, like your holiday snaps, Word documents from work or all those ‘legally’ downloaded episodes of Mr. Robot. If this is the case then we’ve got you covered because the second option gets some more storage space! A special external hard drive with tonnes of space can be installed in your computer for next to peanuts. Added bonus: it doesn’t need to be plugged in with a USB cord!

By keeping these files off your local hard drive (said startup disk) and attached to the special external hard drive, the operating system will have more than enough space to load up and work smoothly. The more space your computer has the faster the computer runs. It is that simple.

Next steps

If you need any assistance sourcing and installing a special external hard drive, then give us a shout at The Mac Mechanic!

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