El Capitan or El Crapitan?

Is Apple's newest OS right for your business?
07 December 2015

El Capitan or El Crapitan? Is Apple’s newest OS right for your business?

Apple’s new OS X El Capitan was released as a free upgrade a couple of months ago. Unfortunately it hasn’t been smooth sailing for everyone and The Mac Mechanic has dealt with a number of issues arising from the new OS. Here are a few that you will definitely need to consider before hitting that upgrade button.

Compatibility with Microsoft Office 365

If you have a 365 subscription, the number one complaint with the upgrade is constant crashes and syncing issues with Office apps, particularly Outlook and Word. These issues have also been reported by people using the 2016 and 2011 versions of the Office suite. If you rely heavily on these apps in your day to day business workflow you may want to hold out on upgrading until these known issues are resolved.

El Capitan is making everything run really slow

Another issue is the increased prevalence of the rainbow wheel of death – that annoying spinning pinwheel. After installing the upgrade people have been experiencing severe lag and delays when trying to open up programs such as Safari, Preview and iTunes and are constantly having force quit and reopen the frozen programs.

Other points to consider

We’ve also had reports of people running into to trouble accessing their own music, issues with printing preferences, problems with syncing Airdrop with other Apple devices and reports of drops in the quality of WiFi connectivity. The bottom line is while the upgrade does boast some cool new features, it also has significant potential to create more problems than benefits.┬áIf your business is looking at upgrading, or if you’ve already taken the plunge and are having issues with the new OS contact us at The Mac Mechanic, we’ll be happy to help!

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