Is it magic or is it remote access?

05 May 2016

Is it magic or is it remote access?

Remote access is a great tool us tech support people use to get access to your computer and sort out any issues – regardless of whether we are physically present! As long as you have an internet connection and the right software we can get in there and make the magic happen.

How does it work?

Both parties need to have remote access software installed on their machines. The Mac Mechanic is partial to Team Viewer, which is a free and easy to use program that works on Mac and PC. The program assigns your machine with a unique ID number. Every time you open the program it generates a password for that session which you can then give out to anyone who needs to access your machine. With your ID and password we can request access to your computer, which you will have to accept in order for the connection to be made. Once we are in, your cursor will begin to take on a life of it’s own but don’t stress! Feel free to watch or go and grab yourself a cuppa.

Login Screen

Login screen


What we see from our end – your screen within our screen

Why use it?

Instead of faffing about trying to take verbal instructions over the phone to fix a tech problem, remote access takes the pressure off you and allows us to work out what’s happening in real time. . Best of all you can take over the controls at anytime during the session if you need to, and once we are done and disconnected we can no longer see your screen. Plus every time you open and close the program a new session password is generated every time. By seeing what you are seeing, we can better assist you and ensure that everything is set up correctly and ready to go again.


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