Google Apps and small business

Goo-goo eyes for Google
14 December 2015

Why we love Google Apps for small business

We here at The Mac Mechanic have noticed a trend lately in people jumping ship to Google Apps for their business needs. It seems as though a certain ‘domains’ provider is driving people ‘crazy’! If you are looking to migrate across to Google, read on!

Advantages of Google

Google will allow you to transfer an existing domain or purchase a new one directly through them, eliminating the middle man of domain name providers. You’ll also benefit from the full integration of Google Apps services like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Calendar and receive a number of free branded email addresses ( for your business. Being cloud based you’ll be able to administer your small business on any machine, from any location.

If you have an existing website or are looking to have a crack at building one Google also offers integration with some of the top website builders such as Wix, Weebly and WordPress. Finally, Google Apps is easy and intuitive to use, light on the bank account and offers a high level of security and troubleshooting support.

Want to get on board with Google Apps?

The Mac Mechanic offers services ranging from partial to full Google migration and set up. To find out if Google is right for you and your business contact us today!

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