Yes, you really do need a cloud’s why

Cloud backup and image of tapes
10 August 2017

Yes, you really do need to back up the cloud…here’s why

When it comes to the cloud, we’re evangelists. We ditch old school servers and software serial numbers for businesses on the daily. From G-Suite (Google Apps), to Dropbox, Box and MYOB, we love cloud software and can’t imagine life our IT geek lives without it.

There’s a downside to the magical, miraculous cloud. Despite cloud computing being one of the trendiest IT solutions out, our clients are still experiencing teething problems in one area that matters the most: file backups.

Last year, even the biggest cloud providers experienced outages. Without traditional servers and tape backups, we assume that the cloud’s 99% uptime reliability and real-time backup features are enough to protect us. But if you’re in the midst of a known Dropbox/Google/Salesforce outage, you won’t have access to your files during this time. When a server goes down, it can be days and weeks until happiness is restored through a backup.

When your cloud provider does restore your files, often they revert to a ‘rollback’ of an earlier backup. Oh, you’re on your seventh version of that proposal document since then? Say goodbye to weeks of work.

Ready for Plan B?

We strongly recommend that you consider an onsite backup solution:

  1. It’s cheap

    There are plenty of affordable cloud backup solutions on the market right now. Depending on the size and spread of your creative business, you could be paying as little as $1,000 to cover your cahones in times of need.


  2. It’s easy

    An onsite backup solution can be automated or completed with a touch of a button. It’s a very little effort for a very large reward.


  3. It’s fast

    Recover your data immediately without relying on your internet speeds to recover and re-download absolutely everything you lost. With an onsite backup solution, you can literally pull your files down in minutes, recover and get on with business.


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