Cloud based apps and your small business

What's in the Box?
28 August 2015

Cloud based apps and your small business – part two

The Mac Mechanic presents part 2 of our cloud based apps reviews. This week we are looking at Box…. no, not THAT box….

What is Box?

Box is a content management and collaboration tool providing entirely web-based file storage. Since it’s inception in 2005, Box has grown to service over 47,000 businesses worldwide. With a sleek interface uploading files to Box is as easy as drag and drop. Box is able to create url links to files for ease of sharing and editing. There are a couple of really cool features that make Box perfect for small business applications and set it apart from other cloud based storage systems.

The benefits of Box

Box has the ability to create user groups and set permissions for individual users. Once a user has been set up with their permissions they will only be able to view and edit those specific folders or files you’ve given them access to. You can grant your collaborators a number of different access levels ranging from co-owner with full editing rights, to an uploader with no ability to view other files.

Another cool feature of Box is a tool called Box Notes. Say you and your colleagues are working on a document. Instead of emailing each other back and forth with amendments to be reviewed you can add a note against the document meaning all communication pertaining to that document will be attached to the file in Box instead of scattered across numerous email accounts.

Lastly, Box allows for the tracking and recording of changes to documents using version control. Every time a change is saved the previous version will be stored and can be accessed at any time. Want to keep working offline? The Box sync feature allows folders or files to be synced to your device so you can continue to work even if you don’t have internet access. As soon as you are back online Box will sync your changes to the cloud.

Want to see if Box is right for you?

The Mac Mechanic has already successfully implemented Box for several small businesses across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. From price negotiations to staff training, we’ve got you covered. So if you’d like to make the switch to Box, get in touch now!

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