Are you ready for Office 365 to change up your business?

21 November 2014

Are you ready for Office 365 to change up your business?

Yeah, I know. Getting excited about admin, typing data into Excel spreadsheets is pretty geeky. But as more and more services are shifting to the cloud, it’s worth considering getting with the program for your small business.  Microsoft’s 365 cloud based offering is pretty exciting (and value packed as well).

What’s pricing of Office 365 like?

Pricing of Office 365 for business is excellent. Gone are the days of buying software outright – Office 365 is subscription based, and lets you pick and choose which Microsoft products you need. You get version updates as they come along, alongside a heap of little deal sweeteners like cloud storage space, collaboration tools and multiple device usage. And, it always helps to be assured by Microsoft’s 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Some of my clients are starting to get great results from 365, including its Sharepoint capability. Here are my top reasons to consider Office 365:

1. One license, five devices.

One user subscription now allows you to install 365 on up to five devices – meaning that your files can be seamlessly accessed and worked on from the desktop to tablet to phone, to home computer and back again.

2. Free storage, easy back up your files to the cloud.

You can still save your files to local drives, but with free cloud storage offered as part of your account, why wouldn’t you store to the cloud? When you buy Office 365 for business, you get one terabyte of storage per user account.

3. Tap away, it’s tablet friendly.

One of the coolest things is that these products finally work well on tablets. Yeah, you may not want to do all your work on a tablet, but the iPad and Android versions of basic programs like Word and Excel finally make it easier to work on the go without compromising on useability.

Making the switch to Office 365?

What can I say? It’s really about as sexy as Excel and Word get. If you’re thinking of using 365 for your business, give me a shout!

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