Why Google Apps for Business rocks

26 June 2014

Why Google Apps for Business rocks

Most people know about Google Apps, but did you know they also make a business version? Google have awesome cloud-based services like mail, calendars, drive and docs, making it easier to share work and transfer files, and of course…sync across all your staff’s devices.

What’s the difference between Google Apps and Google Apps for Business?

If you’re using the free version of Google Apps, you might want to think about upgrading to the (paid) business version. Here some of the benefits.

  • Size.By paying for business grade Google Apps, you’ll get 25GB of storage instead of 7GB. Yes, the 7GB is free, but you need reliability. The piece of mind that you have ample storage space for artwork, client files, etc, is priceless.
  • It works with Outlook. By upgrading to business you can access a tool that allows you to sync with Outlook. It allows you to get your Gmail, contacts and calendars, but in the style of Microsoft Outlook. This one is great for people who are die hard Outlook users and aren’t keen to switch across to Google look and feel just yet.
  • Guaranteed uptime. Google will guarantee you 99.9% up-time for your email and apps services – but only for Business customers. This is a huge win and one less thing to deal with when things go wrong.

The Mac Mechanic and Google Apps

We’ve implemented Google Apps for Business for several of our clients, including design studios.

If you’re keen to look into how Google Apps / Enterprise mail can work for your business, check out our Cloud Nine package or Contact Us.

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