Keys to an effective CRM system

03 March 2016

Keys to an effective CRM system

The Mac Mechanic has been working hard lately helping our customers to integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems into their business workflow. One thing we’ve noticed is that, with so many software and platform options available it’s hard not to get bogged down with all the new-fangled features of these programs instead focusing on the fundamental elements of what makes a CRM system work successfully. Here’s a couple of tips to keep in mind.

It’s a fancy name for a database

That’s right people, it’s essentially a more advanced version of a database. And what’s the one thing that a database needs to work properly? Data! And not just any old data. The data needs to be accurate, relevant and most importantly, up to date. It’s been our experience that businesses who take the time and care to ensure their data is of a high quality will be able to reap the full benefits of all the features and processes the CRM has to offer.

Permissions are king

This is an important one. You don’t want to spend all this money on a CRM and spend countless hours cleaning up your data only to have it turn into a big, clunky mess once people start using it willy-nilly. Assign your users or teams into groups with appropriate levels of viewing access and editing permissions. If there is specific lead or sales data that is essential, make these capture fields mandatory. Ensure that only the users who should be editing the data are the ones doing so by making use of auditing trails.

Enter the super user

As well as making sure all users receive top-notch training and support, it’s a good idea to have a super user (sounds cooler than database administrator). They will be responsible for fixing outdated or missing data, as well as providing support and help to other users. Putting someone in charge of the database will ensure ongoing and effective staff engagement, leading to better data capture, leading to the CRM system working at it’s full potential – Win!

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