3 incredible apps to help you fight post-holiday procrastination

03 February 2016

3 incredible apps to help you fight post-holiday procrastination

It’s February and things are piling up. That snoozy, boozy, debaucherous Christmas holiday is well and truly gone. Sayonara, pina colada. Before you know it, your fresh new year’s to-do list is already up the wazoo.

Us geeky folks at TMM have rounded up the best productivity apps and tools that can help all you small business peeps and creative freelancers get your s$%t sorted once and for all. Read on…

Assistant.to is Gmail genius. It’s a quick, real-time appointment booking platform that allows you to select the times you are available for clients. No more double handling or back and forths trying to secure a date and time that suits everyone. The client can then accept a time, which is instantly saved to both calendars. If you’re dealing with meetings across timezones, it allows the meeting recipient to book the meeting in their own timezone and converts it. Best part? It’s totally free.

IFTTT has the tech world raving, and with good reason. IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It’s a bit geeky and can take some time to understand, but it’s quite the game changer once you get your head around it. IFTTT allows you to sync all of your major apps to talk to each other, allowing full automation of tasks to save time. Get Gmail to text you a reminder; Tell your phone to turn on your lights; Sync your profile pic across all social networks. The name of the game is automation  to let you do things more quickly. Unsure of what it all means? There are a stack of IFTTT hacks and ‘recipes’ to help you understand its full capability and general coolness.

Trello is one of our go-to apps here at TMM – it’s a simple list based platform that allows you to organise projects and tasks through ‘lists’ and cards. Highly visual and very intuitive, it’s a really easy tool to organise your life. You can set alerts and deadlines, and encourage collaboration through inviting others to view and comment on each board. From personal tasks to project management to content calendars, Trello works seamlessly across desktop and mobile (Android and iOS) and is just generally excellent in helping you keep on top of business.

Lastly, if any of these don’t suit, or that task list is taking no prisoners, think about getting a virtual assistant. They’re cheap and don’t require much ongoing commitment. freelancer.com and Virually Yours are just a couple to get you started.

So there you have it. Three (plus one) ways to get on top of yo’ bizness. In the words of Drake, thank me later.

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