3 ways to use Google Chromecast for your small business

02 September 2014

3 ways to use Google Chromecast for your small business

When I get onto new geeky gadgets I just can’t help but tell everyone.  Yep, by The Tipping Point’s standards I’m what you’d call a Maven.  So this is Darcy aka Mr Maven letting you know why the Google Chromecast is easily my favourite tech gadget this year.

What does the Chromecast do?

Google’s tiny streaming device lets you plug into your TV’s HDMI port and stream any media to the TV across a wi-fi connection.

Why does my business need a Chromecast?

I’m generally a pretty big fan of Google products in general, ie. their business apps and Nexus products. Here’s just three ways that Google Chromecast could seriously turn up the fun factor in your creative business or studio:

1. It’ll make brainstorming sessions more interactive.

When it’s time for team collaboration, the team will be able to share examples and inspiration straight from their phones and laptops. The Chromecast will let all staff stream websites, video and heaps more with a push of their smartphone.

2. It makes client presentations a piece of piss.

No more wires or fussing around wasting time trying to connect a laptop. Stream a presentation, video or pitch mirrored from your laptop or tablet straight to the bigscreen TV with no worries.

3. Staff drinks will never be the same.

Let’s face it – at your next staff drinks the Chromecast will probably become a YouTube jukebox, causing arguments about what song to play next.  Just don’t blame me for the cat videos.

Back to the point…

In summary, the Chromecast is a cheap, affordable way to get even the smallest creative studio presenting in style.  Best fifty bucks ever spent.  Check out more tech tips and advice, or contact me to discuss your next project.

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