Is your business a prime target for hackers?

Take the test to find out.
21 October 2018

Is your business a prime target for hackers? Take the test to find out.

In Australia, online scams (ransomware, malware, hacking and phishing) are on the increase. Scams have been increasing 31% year on year, with phishing the top online hacking method reported.

Last year Australians lost (wait for it…) $90 million to scams. But it’s not just your 90 year old grandma that’s getting hoodwinked, it’s the good folks running small businesses.

Small businesses with less than 20 staff were the most vulnerable to scammers last year, making up 60% of all reported scams. The consequences of hacking can be drastic – businesses were scammed an average of $10,000, not to mention any insurance or liability damage for putting other clients, suppliers and partners at risk (ACCC, 2017).

Surely I’m less vulnerable to hacking on a Mac?

Not so, my friend. According to a report from Malwarebytes, there has been a 230% increase in malware attacks on Macs this year. Here at The Mac Mechanic we have been spruiking the idea of antivirus for Mac for a while – it’s a minimal investment for piece of mind.

Do you know how vulnerable your business is to scams? Take the test to find out. Here’s six critical questions to ask your team:

Are we using the same default password across multiple staff accounts?

Do we have any Administrator accounts on cloud services (eg. Microsoft 365 or Box) that are attached to an individual staff account rather than an Administrator account?

Do we have antivirus software installed on all hardware, including servers?

Have we trained our staff and educated them about what a phishing attempt looks like (and what they shouldn’t click on)?

Do multiple people within our organisation have Administrator rights that may not need to right now?

Have we enabled two layer authentication on all staff accounts?

If you answered YES to more than two questions above, it’s safe to assume you’re currently exposed to risk of a hacking attempt.

Okay, I think we might have a problem Houston. What should I do next?

The tireless efforts of hackers means that the next sophisticated phishing attempt is just around the corner. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, so education for your staff is key. Familiarise yourself with ScamWatch’s business protection tips, and if you need extra help and support, contact the Mac Mechanic today to organise an IT audit Melbourne-wide.

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