GoldenEye: the virus that shakes, not stirs

This latest ransomware takes no prisoners.
05 July 2017

GoldenEye: the virus that shakes, not stirs

GoldenEye is the latest virus to spread it’s bad juju across globe. It’s literally stopped businesses in their tracks, shutting down global creative advertising agencies, large corporates and small businesses for days.

Dubbed by some (OK, us) as “Crypotolocker on crack”, GoldenEye differs from previous iterations of ransomware by attacking you in two ways: hunting down local files on your computer and getting into your server/network files. You can’t turn on your computer or restore files. Stick a fork in it: you’re done.

There ain’t no 007 MI6 rescue option. You are now that poor sod in possession of an unusable computer. The only relief comes when you dutifully dish out $300 to your new friends in Russia-Ukraine-Romania-godknowswhere. While some antivirus experts don’t recommend paying the ransom, for others this has been a successful outcome.

But loyal readers, it didn’t have to go down like this. We’ve banged on about antivirus protection for your Mac for ages. Forget free love baby, if it’s not on, it’s “not on”. Err…or so the creepy, inappropriate saying says.

Here are some tips to save your bacon, straight from Kaspersky’s experts:

  1. Back up your data. Always.
  2. Update your antivirus security, even manually if you have to.
  3. Install all security updates so they are up to date.

Pro tip

Your Mac is not an island. You are not safe in the confines of Apple’s soft, cumulus cloud. GoldenEye is not our first rodeo. Get yourself some protection. And if you’re stuck, you can always contact us for help.

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