Think your Mac doesn't need virus protection?

Think again.
01 December 2014

Think your Mac doesn’t need virus protection? Think again.

You know a die-hard Mac fan when you meet them.  In any Mac versus PC argument, there are always the same points: Macs are slicker; more beautifully designed; more intuitive, and…they’re immune to viruses.

The reality is, while the first three points are true, on the last point, not so much.   Mac users have been parading around the internet without virus protection like some smug chumps for far too long.  I know, because I’m one of those chumps myself.

But Macs can’t get hacked…right?

Here’s the deal.  Statistically speaking, there are way fewer virus and malware cases on the Mac.  Reasons for this vary, but generally there are fewer Mac users and more PC/Windows users, and the UNIX based Mac operating system is much harder to hack.  Add in the fact that Apple makes it hard to install non-approved Apple software, and it stands to reason that a bunch of Ukranian or Russian pirates are more interested in going for Windows users, who are a bigger pool of scam targets.

Based on the above, you’d be thinking that you’re in the clear. While viruses are less likely on a Mac, there’s absolutely no reason why your Mac can’t be hacked.

None.  Nada.  Niente.

Yeah it’s a little harder to do, but are you willing to be one of the unlucky ones?

The case for antivirus on a Mac

Over the last couple of months I’ve seen three separate clients experience Malware issues on a Mac.  In all of their cases, malware viruses infected their Chrome and Safari browsers to redirected them to malicious websites, some of which were pretty hard to get rid of.

It’s made me rethink my position on antivirus for Macs.

This is a trend that’s going to continue.  Do you have shared files, confidential documents, financial info, intellectual property or sensitive client data on your Mac?  Of course you do.

All it takes is for someone to download a dodgy font, click on a well-crafted phishing email or an infected torrent of the first season of Portlandia, and your entire system is cactus.

Get ready to rumble

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