Why is my internet soooooo slow?

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17 February 2015

Why is my internet soooooo slow?

If I had a dollar for every time someone asks me why their internet is so slow, I’d be filthy rich.  Luckily, I’m not filthy rich and The Mac Mechanic is here to stay (note to self: don’t go putting a deposit on that Toorak mansion just yet).

Back to the point.  My wi-fi speeds are soooo slow! And I just paid for a top notch expensive internet plan!  And I have a Smart TV, and a Google Chromecast, and a Sonos, and heaps of computers, and a whole office that needs to connect quick-smart to the interwebs! Waahhh…what am I going to do?

Well my young Padawan, the answer lies within. Upgrade your wi-fi router you must.

Here’s why:

1. Your wi-fi speed is only as fast as your slowest device.

If you are using an older router, chances are, quite plainly, that it’s shitting itself.

If you have lots of devices (as we all do) and older model phones and computers, your speeds are suffering.  Why? With older devices like computers and iPhones on the network, your router can only handle the lowest speed, bringing down your entire network to that of the slowest device.

2. Tech life is moving fast – your router needs to catch up.

You have no problem with buying the latest phone, tablet or gadget for the office, but how old is your router? Chances are, four to five years old.  Which phone were you rocking five years ago?  Would you be OK with using it now, in 2015?

The point is, as technology has changed, so have networking standards.  So upgrading your router to current wireless technology will improve speeds, and most importantly, handle the combination of old and new devices with ease.

3. Because there’s only so many times you can move the furniture.

Slow wi-fi speeds will bring out the interior decorator in you.  Walls, furniture, that ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster that’s now passed it’s use by date…I’ve changed everything I can to improve my internet speeds.

Unfortunately, an old router is an old router.  Sure, there are some small improvements you can do, like adding antennae or moving your replica Featherston couch 45 degrees to the right, but it’s just buying time.

It’s important to know that you need to buy the right router for your office, so don’t go running to your local computer shop just yet.  Contact us to help you invest in a brand new, business grade router, and your wi-fi speeds will soar.

You can thank me later, or donate to my mansion.

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